Day 25 — Who do you play with?

since the dawn of my time on wow, i’ve been playing with my bestie Havoc. i’ve made a lot of friends on wra too and stuff but i got lazy and just wanted to draw ~the ladies~

Day 24 — Your favorite glitch screenshot.

my druid didnt give a fuck

she runnin wild as a human

Day 23 — The longest you’ve gone without playing?

as i spam these

anyway the longest i went without playing was probably close to a year.

Day 22 — Your pets (choose one character).

considering i have like, 75+ pets on my main there is no way i am listing them all and whatever.

my fav/the one i use most is my lil gryphon hatchling. he was an xmas present~ his name is johnny awesome

Day 21 — Your favourite battleground?

eye of the storm! i always love getting the flag because it makes me feel important irl

Day 20 — How did you come up with your main’s name?

uhhh… she’s an undead, so i thought nausea was a fitting name.

das it.

Day 19 — Best thing about WoW?

picking the worst hair/face combos for characters and leveling them

my friend and i even rp them sometimes. with shit like this, i kind of want model updates but then again i… don’t. i’d miss the uggo stuff too much ;__;

Day 18 — Worst thing about WoW?

the worst thing ever? i have no idea.

something i hate? when people talk to eachother over realID statuses. esp about how great they are in pvp and when they try to hit on chicks :l

it’s like damn i’m a girl and i could do a better job gettin’ ladies than you

Day 17 — Your favorite WoW related YouTube video?

illegal danish! i have wow song parodies i really like too, but these are my total favorite videos.

edit: as tumblr is a douche about shit so here’s just the links~

part one:

part two:

Day 16 — What do you listen to while playing?

p-pop music and rap… IDK WHY i just do

esp in pvp